Our farm produces Kona Abalone,
a premium stock of Ezo (Japanese Northern) abalone.


Big Island Abalone operates a 10-acre aquafarm to serve the world market for premium, live abalone. The facility is located on Hawaii's Big Island on the Kona Coast, near the Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport. The abalone aquafarm is the largest in USA.

The Kona Coast of Hawaii island was chosen as the ideal location to produce abalone for several reasons. First, the Kona Coast receives more sunlight per year than any other coastal location in the USA. Such sunlight is critical for growing large volumes of abalone food: kelp. Secondly, the aquafarm has access to a constant supply of pure, cold, nutrient-rich seawater, pumped from a depth of 3,000 feet in the Pacific Ocean near the Kona Coast. This seawater is also essential for growing both Kona Abalone and the kelp grown on the farm to feed the abalone. 

Lastly, Hawaii's location midway between Asia and North America allows us to ship fresh, live abalone to markets on both continents. The aquafarm currently produces about 100 tons of live abalone per year and houses nearly 4 million abalone in our growout system.

Our farm produces Kona Abalone, a premium stock of Ezo (Japanese Northern) abalone.

Our abalone are featured at a number of restaurants within the state of Hawaii and the mainland United States. Here are just a few.

We offer a guided farm tour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12:15pm with both Japanese and English speaking tour guides.

Our live abalone, BBQ abalone, and a variety of abalone menu options are now available in Honolulu ! Please visit our Kapahulu store and farmers market.