Kowa Premium Foods Hawaii Corporation (KPFHC) produces Kona Abalone, a premium stock of Ezo (Japanese Northern) abalone. Kona Abalone is the result of over 15 years of research, intensive study, and experiments by the founders of the company. From the outset, the objective was to develop ways to simulate the positive elements of the natural ocean environment in which abalone flourish. The experiments and research led to important findings about abalone habitat, innovations in farm feeding practices, and a patented algae. The system uses a constant supply of pure, cold, nutrient-rich seawater, pumped from a depth of 3,000 feet in the Pacific Ocean. The result is a near-perfect environment for growing Kona Abalone.

KPFHC's facilities include a hatchery, a nursery and abalone grow-out tanks. In this way, KPFHC controls the quality of the abalone from the very start of the growth cycle. A blend of algae is used to feed the abalone, optimizing abalone taste, texture, color, nutrition, and shell characteristics. KPFHC maintains five million abalone in inventory on its 10-acre site.


Kona Abalone Can Natural Flavor
Abalone, with a hint of natural seawater
farm sale price $30 (2.8oz 80g)